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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

some JBother news

It's been avery long time since anything interesting was put here so I guess it's good moment to write down what was going on during the last couple of weeks. We have successfuly completed SIMEX '06, where Jabber service was performing cery well - I'm very happy with new Wildfire server. As for JBother, it was working very good for most of the time; plugins worked OK although our favourite bug hunter Reiner managed to find some. Main thing that was not all right was (infamous) file transfer. That's why I decided to work on it now.

File transfer is implemented in latest version of JBother to use 'proxy65' method to make transfers over the internet possible. What we need, however, is 'direct' filetransfer, as described in JEP-0065. That was why, among other things, we were using older (0.8.8 + some corrections) version of JBother. Rigth now we will switch to the latest (0.8.9) version of JBo and I'm going to put my changes to make the 'direct' SOCKS5 filetransfer possible. I have pre-tested it today with JBother and PSI and it worked; it also worked one-way with Tkabber, due to the bug in Tkabber (it can't handle mor than one option offered in stream initiation; and JBother offers now both StreamHost-based and IBB (in-band-bytestreams, older method).

There is also more stuff coming up when it comes to Jabber; we are considering using Jabber with working filetransfer (hopefully it will come very soon! :-) to ingest files into CSD, instead of FTP based solution we are using right now; also we would like to separate JChat client from FAST and create a standalone IM/Conference client. This is still in alpha-phase right now but sound quite interesting.


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