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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

more improvements on CGMTI Generator

Splitting the MTIs into more than one UDP packet is still the main objective, but before that some changes needed to be done to the existing code. First of all, right now the generator is using the singleton class to represent itself (thanks to Marco and Synic for the sample code!).

I've also managed to get the 'right-mouse-click' editing working (something that I kind of dropped in previous release), so now user can edit all segments from context menu bu right clicking on segments, but still some more work needs to be done to get the details working - like synchronisation with Message menu, for example. As soon as I have everything working with one GMTI package, I will be able to add a list of packets in place of single one. From there, we will only need to have one method for splitting the packages into separate UDP packets (this may be little tricky when we consider the possibility of later edition of packages - so, let's say, we have 2 packages, split by the magic method and then we modify the first one by adding or removing target reports. Should the package be re-packaged? if so, should the index numbers of TRs be changed as well? etc etc).

I've also spent some time talking with Simon Z about problems with compilation of SSR plugin. Looks like 'build.xml' file requires that end uses has all packages (Smack, our Smack extensions, our utils etc) available in source form. I don't know if this is good or not, theoretically end-user shouldn't have to do too much to get things compiled. I need to think about that.


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