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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

further SSR plugin testing on TIE'05

After yesterday's lack of success I felt pretty concerned about how I can solve the problem with SSR plugin being unable to speak correctly with other SSR systems. Namely, I had problems with receiving SSR ack's from NORCCIS. Then I looked at IQ header and discovered, that they were sending it with type="set" - and the plugin was looking for type="result"... after fixing that we were able to communicate, although there were some problems in the beginning (I really can't say what they were, tho).

I've started adding some fuctionality required by some participants: they wanted to be able to track back received and sent SSRs. Right now I have a simple dialog with table in it, with 2 columns: one for timestamp, second for SSR. User can click on the row of this table to view the SSR, in the same way as they are shown when they are composed.


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