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Thursday, October 20, 2005

technical details of SSR after TIE'05

I've just come back from interesting discussion between Reiner, Arne and David on (future) "MAJIIC Jabber Implementation Guide" document that David is working on. We agreed on how the Jabber <iq> messages should be exchanged during the course of "SSR coversation". Also, we agreed that there should be some mechanism for querying if a user running under certain resource can grok SSR at all (preferably with some additional information, like schema version number), similarly like it's done in JEP-0065 for SOCKS5 file transfer, using Service discovery (described in JEP-0030).

Arne proposed a different approach to the whole SALT/SSR sending: XML-RPC but as no-one had any first-hand experiences with it, we decided to stick to IQ messages (besides, lots of non-standard Jabber protocols and extensions are using IQ).

So, what we've agreed upon? It is really pre-draft, we will follow the this schema: SSR initial request will be embedded in < iq type="get">, and the rest in <iq type="set"> ("get" type will act as a signal for SSR jabber client that new SSR has just arrived). After each of abovementioned <iq> messages, the receiver should send empty response <iq type="result">.

We also all agreed upon that this discussion should occur before the TIE. I hope that we will be able to stick to that and get it ready before SIMEX'06.


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