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Monday, October 31, 2005

GMTI Generator: packet splitting almost done

Today I was working on packet splitting in GMTI Generator and (ta-ta!) it is working! Right now it assumes that dwell segment comes as last in the GMTI packet, but I guess this is the standard way, approved by the community earlier. So far it hasn't been tested too much, I'm going to do it tomorrow.

The other thing that need to be done is re-designing the way the GMTI packets are displayed and handled. Right now, I'm using simple solution: I'm taking the GMTI packet, convert is to XML (the method was already there) and then display it in the JTree. The way as it is right now requires lots of object->XML conversions and is not very robust and memory efficient; I have put it in there only because I was too lazy to write a proper tree renderer :-). This needs to be changed right now.


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