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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

configuring local Jabber server

I've spent half of the day trying to configure fljud Jabber component on out internal Jabber server (fljud is implementation of Jabber User Directory that gets the data from LDAP, which we are now using). Old version was working properly, unfortunately, it does not support discovery protocol. I've grabbed new version (fljud-0.5 alpha) and it started to crash. So, I decided to switch the athentication method from LDAP to MySQL (data storage is running MySQL right now). There is another JUD implementation that is based on MySQL called 'users-agent' and it looks that it is a very simple JUD - keeps one table in database and writes/reads user's data when user is created/queried for. This means that all the users need to be re-created - and I'm even willing to do that, but right now I'm getting 'Internal server error' when I try to add new user by using JBother. Tomorrow I may try to use different client, just to see if maybe this is client's fault.

Next step would be to re-configure bandersnatch to use the local database (right now is using remote database). This would be better, considering that other machine is located o very busy network. After that I will set up the backup subsystem to get all the data backed up, "in case of".


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