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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

JBother 'direct' file transfer - more testing

I added a simple class 'Socks5AuthenticationMessage' to JBother's file transfer in order to handle SOCKS5 authentication messages more easily. I have also started testing of new old fuctionality across subnets and OSes; it proved that it worked as long as the host/port properties are OK... so instead of trusting the user to put the correct values, JBo is trying to fill them out as much as possible. Hopefully this will result in less complaints from users :-).

Also (re)started working on Wildfire plugin for logging Jabber messages. After SIMEX lots of people reported that it would be nice to be able to view conversations... this would be something like Bandersnatch but better - with the possibility to view our extensions to XMPP.


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