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Friday, November 11, 2005

GenJar JAR utility

In neverending pursuit to make our code faster, more eye-candy and, well, less bloated, I stumbled upon utility called GenJar. It is supposed to help build JAR files that contain only the needed classes - what it does is scans the class directory for root class(es) (provided in config file) and builds JAR with other classes that are needed by those root class to work. Very nifty, I was able to reduce the size of GMTI Generator's distribution JAR by 30% but it is not working good when it comes to SSR and SALT plugins, at least not with my configuration (I need to figure out what exactly is going on when plugin's classes are loaded).

Friday, November 04, 2005

GMTI Generator: better rendering in UI

I've been working on CGMTI Generator, to be more precise on UI part (sleazy JTree rendering, more details in this writeup). Now it's working much, much better: the whole data model for the tree is now a little more complicated (the lazy solution, converting to XML and displaying the elements as tree leaves turned out to be more costly when it came to editing - and displaying, especially large files).

Right now the model is returning regular GMTI package components (package header, all the segments, target reports). Before I had problems with slow rendering of those objects, but it turned out that I wanted to display too much. Right now I'm displaying only the most important information, and it's fast.

I plan to do some more last minute touches and post the new version (0.4) on the portal.