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Monday, September 12, 2005

CGMTI Generator: splitting MTI packets over multiple UDP packets

Trond & Joe decided that it would be nice to have the possibility to generate larger MTI packets than UDP's packet length (1472 bytes). This would require splitting target reports over multiple GMTI packets. The overall procedure seems to be pretty simple: user would state in GUI how many packets would he like to have in one packet, the value would be then checked if it fits and the following thing would happen: new GMTI packet would be created and the those target reports that would not fit in first packet, would be put there, according to the rules stated in GMTI implementation document.

This seems very easy but it requires substantial changes in GMTI Generator's code: right now it can only deal with one GMTI packet. I've already managed to change the way the popup menu is called - after discovering that Marco's code makes it also possible to get the `regular' GMTI segment objects out of XML (right now the JTree is build based on XML generated from regular objects, it is much easier to display the structure). I also need to implement `singleton' class for GMTIGenerator class, as it has only one instance and it would be much easier to use it from within other classes, including abovementioned popup menu.


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