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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

using CSD via VPN to Canada

This is not exactly `development' but I think it should be noted that after (far too long) time we managed to get the VPN connection running between us and (very remote) site in Canada. The connection is rather shaky (with timeouts like 10 seconds!) but it works. I was able to use the CSD's search functionality and receive some data from there; image chipping is not working yet as is seems like the other CSD's FTP settings are misconfigured. George D should fix it soon.

The VPN link will also be used for database replication for LC2IS system. Thanks to Mark P for help.

Last but not least, I've installed Jive Messenger on our side so that we can communicate better (I hope) as now we have to call their cell phone and connection is very weak.
(We could test the file tranfer from JBother with it!!!)


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