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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

SSR GUI improvements

Being quiet for some time does not mean no work has been done here! Almost all visual parts of the GUI is now ready, I still wrestle with myself what would be the best layout. Still almost whole part of the code responsible for getting & verifying the data from the textfields needs to be done. This is not going to be too easy, I'm afraid!

Reiner managed to send me the first SALT message from his CORBA application. Worked pretty good! It is nice to see that open standards are working all right.

I also found this information on Jabber server about filetransfer. I think I should extend JBother's filetransfer code to use those SOCK5 proxies/relays as well (right now JBo is using very simple file transfer, with no SOCK5 proxies at all). This could make the JBother more popular (file transfer is something that we really need).


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