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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

learning XMLBeans & rewriting SALTPlugin

Today I've spent most of the day learning how to use XMLBeans. Very interesting package, you pass an XML schema through it and it creates classes for accessing, parsing and verifying XML files.

I want to re-write SALTPlugin for JBother I'm working on right now to use XMLBeans (in case that schema changes, we only need to recompile - how convenient is that?). I managed to compile it but when the plugin loads, it complains that 'javax/xml/namespace/QName' class can't be found, even though it's in the jar archive. I need to check it tomorrow.

Right after SALT plugin will be rewritten and I will (hopefully) know how to use XMLBeans, I can start working on SSR plugin, which would come down to programming the GUI part.

Last note: in assumption, using XMLBeans is nice & easy, but the code generated is pretty big. I wonder if this can be reduced somehow.


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