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Thursday, July 14, 2005

problems with loading in JBother plugin & lack of cooperation between XmlPullParser and XMLBeans

I've managed to resolve problem from yesterday, when JBother was not loading whole classes of the plugin: as it turned out, the code doesn't load classes that belong packages 'java' and 'javax' (there are some classes in XMLBeans like that). I've mailed Adam (JBother's author) asking what options do we have.

Also, there are more problems: Smack is using XmlPullParser for parsing its XML and it seems to be really hard to get the original XML string from it. I need it to pass it to XMLBeans factory methods to create objects... it seems that I will have to parse it without actual parsing, to some String, that I can use later on with XMLBeans. This looks like very dirty solution :-(.

This all makes me feel uneasy. Using XMLBeans with JBother is not that easy... and I'm slightly worried by big size of plugins (example: SALTPlugin, without XMLBeans: ~40k, with XMLBeans: ~4Mb). The overhead of all those classes can be a burden, especially on some memory-restricted machines. If there would be an a way to automatically generate all parsing routines for XmlPullParser. With such a big schemas like SSR, it is a real pain to have to do it all by hand (it's more like "it's out of question").


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