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Thursday, August 11, 2005

more SALT stuff

Reiner found some "bugs" (I really would like to call them "features" but I can't) in SALT plugin. First of all, the syntax of date/time is not checked, so when a user malforms the data string (intentionally or not), plugin hangs. This needs to be fixed, too. After receiving a reply on my query on JBother forum, I think I'll give it a go and include my calendar widget. This should be easier for the user.

Other thing that we mentioned was possible "overflowing user with SALT messages" - and causing his machine to run out of resources, much in style of denial of service attack. Anyone could write a simple application for abusing SALT. The problem is, how to prevent this... installing filters, allowing only 5 SALTs/second or maybe something that would enable blocking SALTs from certain users?

We've found another bug right now: when SALT is send to the group, it is not send to everyone but n messages are sent to the first target. To be fixed.


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