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Friday, July 15, 2005

plugin loading restrictions resolved; SALT plugin (almost) finished

Got reply from Adam on plugin loading restrictions (see yesterday's post) stating that they can be removed as all 'all-purpose' plugins are being checked by the developers anyway. This is good news, that means that we can use XMLBeans with JBother :-).

Also, got some progress with using XMLBeans within the plugin. Getting used to the way you create object when using XMLBeans may take some time but it comes down to fact, that you need to initialize everything before you can use it (there is no automatic 'constructor', filling those values for you).

This certainly is looking good. I think I'm going to finish re-writing SALT plugin pretty soon and, having learned XMLBeans on the way, I'll be ready to go for SSR.

Latest news: I think I finished SALT plugin. I did the basic testing and it looks ok. I'll try to do the final polishing on Monday, and will release it as version 0.9.


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