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Friday, September 02, 2005

finishing beta release of SSR plugin

Today lots of new stuff added to SSR plugin: default template loads when user is composing Initiate request message (this should save some [boring] typing); another template is used for acknowledgements (platform ID including nationality and platform name). Also, buttons are changes accordingly to current context. Still there's need for some extra notification area (like status bar?), as I have problem with JOptionPane (for example, when requestor's request gets finally accepted without more modifications, I want a dialog box pop up before displaying accepted request - and it does but it blocks the rest of operations).

I'm pretty sure that the plugin is almost ready for release early next week.

BTW: I managed to fix the bug in nc3aUtils package - problems with conversion deg/min/sec to double (due to roundings, I was never able to get it right). SALT plugin, CGMTI Generator and other packages will be recompiled and uploaded on the portal. Dialog for entering coordinates uses now JSpinners in place of JTextField - it makes it easier to enter values with the mouse and is the syntax checking is much easier (by using SpinnerModels).

Now, weekend time... :-)


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