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Thursday, August 25, 2005

small upgrade to SALT plugin

SALT plugin should be more fool proof, as I've exchanged JTextField with time for JSpinner with date formatter - user cannot enter date with wrong syntax now. Also, Arnold reported weird behavior on his machine when user was trying to enter the coordinates into 'Enter coordinate' window, which was wrongly sized (the contents were too big and, in the effect, the insides of the frame got screwed up). From now the window should be sized dynamically (no setSize() call, I'm adding an empty border now and call pack() which should take care of it).

Also spent half of the day trying to get LC2IS to communicate with the other end, which was pretty dull (successful, though). We also managed to get the filetransfer working with George but I need to make some cosmetic changes to Send/Receive progress windows.


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